Mailer Campaign Manager

▷ Overview

▣ The iVortex┬« Mailer 3.0, is used for sending emails to multiple clients.

▣ Its built in HTML editor makes it easy for building rich graphics professional email page.

▣ Imports your email contacts, organized your mailing list in groups.

▣ Use the Campaign Manager to create campaigns and add multiple events to them. Launch campaign events manually or use the built in event task scheduler.

▣ The iVortex Mailer software runs on Windows OS.

By: iVortex Corp

Email Security, Built for You

Incoming Email Filtering
▻ Protect your network
Outgoing Email Filtering
▻ Safeguard your reputation
Email Archiving
▻ Backup and Compliance

The Five Component Parts

The iVortex Mailer suite comes with five component parts, each part is designed specific for building your email marketing strategies.

1 - The Campaign Manager

For controlling, tracking and organizing campaigns. It gives a clear view of all campaigns, events and files in the work area.

The Campaign Manager multithreaded programming, enables it to run multiple campaign events simultaneous without altering system performance.

2 - The Html Email Builder Pro

A powereful and simple HTML editor, with user friendly graphical interface, which makes it eazy to design professional graphics in your email, invitation, brochures, magazine and more...

Its rich features includes:
  • The Source Code Editor use a graphics user interface to insert the HTML codes, no HTML coding needed.
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Box, graphic user interface.

3 - The Mail List Builder

Is used for build mailing list of subscribers. It cleans up the list, by remove bad email addresses, and unsubscribers. And build a mail list filter use to clean up the mailing list. Import contacts or mail list in csv format.

4 - The Events Task Scheduler

Is a background program that activate when an event launch time is set to a future time and the "Auto Start This Event" is checked.

5 - Mail Sender Core

The Mail Sender Pro is use by the Event Launcher for sending email to all the email addresses in the mailing list. It can be launched manually or automatically by the Event Scheduler.

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